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The future of this space

I have been wondering for a long time what to do with this space. And, like many other hobbies and interests of mine, the challenge of transitioning from amateur/casual/painfully irregular to comfortable/confident/habitual has been tricky. I think my tactic will be to just start. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I have owned about a dozen domains that have all fizzled out over time, due to lack of motivation, time, inspiration, <insert excuse here>. What’s the answer? Just write. My favourite blogs are the journal-style ones; the ones in which the writer shares intimate thoughts and relatable musings.

I’m in the midst of a career change and I’ve been immersed in myriad productivity and self-advancement content. Yep, me, who has been eye-rolling at best and bitterly critical at worst of self-help style books and blogs – ME! I am trying to find answers as to how this ol’ noggin works best. Task-switching has been a problem for me in the past, as has long-term project-based work. I’m thinking long and hard about time management, what I want to learn, and where I want to be in one year, two years, five. I have some big life problems I need to solve (budgets, family time, fitness, romance, pet care and training). I have hobbies I’ve let go, even though they mean the world to me (music, running, photography). What’s inspiring this introspection? I have two jobs for the foreseeable future. I’ve moved in to a new and exciting role but have no one to replace me in my old position. I need to be mindful of my time and energy, because when I’m not, it’s… bad. I have trouble managing sleep and energy levels at the best of times, and when I fall off the rails, I tend to let everything go. So, here’s to the cognizant tracking of my thoughts, ideas, goals, and time. There is so much I’ve wanted to record, dear internet friends. Things I’d like to cover soon:

  • the books I read in 2018. Best reading of my life. Fascinating, soul-bending literature
  • fitness goals and progress. I love reading “normal” people’s journeys to better health. Personally, I’m competitive and ambitious and I want to quantify my sports achievements
  • pet training. My reactive dog has come so far, and her only hindrance is me. Building our relationship and confidence one positive reinforcement at a time.
  • single career lady stuff. I have a lot to say on this topic
  • where I am with core values and philosophy. Let’s be real, since 2016, the political climate has been bonkers. I have been a bit all over the map, from marching in my Pussy Hat, to trying to consider Jordan Peterson’s perspective (seriously), to thinking hard about how we solve the problems with #MeToo (you guys, I believe women, you know that… but how to fix our legal system for objective fairness??). These are big, heavy questions. I wanna talk to people about these things
  • What I’m cooking and eating. As always, this topic is dear to my heart

So, you will be hearing from me, and hearing from me regularly.